My name's Jason.

I'm a front-end developer and product manager.

And I'm looking for a job.

Front-End Development

I'm a twenty-year veteran of HTML and CSS, and in 2015 attended DevBootcamp so to gain a working knowledge of JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Git, TDD-style testing, deploying a live webapp and more. Although I'm fully trained as a back-end junior developer, I've decided to stick at what I'm best at, and am currently seeking opportunities for front-end design, frameworks, animation and testing.

Under the name Kirby Dotts I also run a boutique studio for blog design, videogame development and iPhone apps. I release a new theme every week for Tumblr, Wordpress and Blogspot specs, and am hard at work on my first games and apps.

Working knowledge: HTML5, CSS3 (+Atomic), JavaScript (+jQuery, jQueryUI, Ajax), JS frameworks (Ember, React, Angular2, Aurelia), Git

Academic knowledge: Ruby (+gems), Rails, Sinatra, SQL, ActiveRecord, Heroku, testing (RSpec, Jasmine, Coverall, Travis, Factory Girl, Capybara)

Currently learning: SASS, Grunt, Swift, SVG + D3.js, Unity, Phaser.js

Methodologies: Object Oriented Design, Test Driven Development, Behavior Driven Development, Agile (fully trained scrum master)

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Product Management

Design and writing skills: Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign), Quark Xpress, Calibre (ebook creation), Microsoft Office, stylebook-based copyediting, 100 WPM typing

Corporate skills: Team management, content strategy, long-term strategy, creative innovation, "Getting Things Done" time-management system (fully trained GTD coach)

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Before making the switch to tech development, I spent twenty years in various creative-class positions in the corporate world, including copywriting, print-based graphic design, marketing, content strategy and more. For the last decade I've owned and operated my own small business, the award-winning Chicago Center for Literature and Photography (CCLaP), where I've picked up lots of experience in managing people and projects, fundraising and setting budgets, as well as unique forms of promotion. On top of development positions, I'm also seeking opportunities in project management where I can finally put all of these skills to use together for the first time.

About Me

I am currently seeking a truly outstanding company for full-time employment in either front-end development or project management. Download my resume or see my LinkedIn profile for more. I'm keeping busy these days in other ways as well.

I do weekly volunteer work for CoderDojoChi, a nonprofit that aims to teach basic coding skills to kids aged 7 to 17. All of our workshops are free, and we concentrate on holding them in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods in Chicago for the benefits of girls and kids of color.

I write a tech blog at Medium.com called "Adventures in Codeland."

I write a blog about my personal life at my main website, jasonpettus.com.

And I write a pop-culture blog called "I Am a Camera," with ongoing series there covering my personal hobbies (including indoor gardening, wine collecting, bicycling and rare books).

I can be reached at anytime at ilikejason@gmail.com, or at Twitter at @jason_pettus. I look forward to hearing from you.

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